April 6, 2011

What a Day!

Today proved to be long & exhausting but FUN! Got to sleep in a little. When I woke up I thought I was late picking up my friend for her appointments. We had some down time so we decided to take Crimson (my puppy) to the beach near by. He had a great time playing with seaweed, sand & water. He kept on digging a BIG hole where my friend was sitting. Everytime she moved away from the hole, Crimson dug the hole alittle bigger to her. LoL It was a cute moment. Tonight was the first night of the Fashion Show practice. Let me say this "I have been to more organized ones before!" It was a complete MESS! Some didn't know what to do, where to stand & pose. No one had there unique style. Everyone pretty much copied off each other. Let's get something going here people! Hopefully the next one goes better. 

Meet Crimson
See Crimson dig
Crimson napping after a long day of fun
My yummy Cajun Turkey Panini  
Love, Marian