April 12, 2011

Sunshiny Tips

So we all know Summer come after Spring & that means a lot more sun, beach & hot weather. (I hope Rebecca Black doesn't make a song on the seasons now) Here are some tips on how Okinawans still cool & refresh during hot Spring months right into Summer. 

  1. Drink a full glass of water before bed. This helps improved your complexion a ton! Plus, your eyes are more awake looking in the morning too, and less red.
  2. Drink another full glass of water when you wake up (before or after you brush your teeth). Not only will it help you feel reinvigorated, it also helps curb early morning sugar cravings. But also, remember to keep hydrated throughout the day. Water, Vitamin water, Gatorade, Podwerade etc. Try to still alway from sodas and sugary drinks.
  3. Before apply make up on, use a facal moisturizer with SPF 15+. This will help protect your face from the sun's harmful rays. Also a apply sunblock or body lotion with SPF+ on your arms & legs to provent sunspots. Do this even when it doesn't look like there will be sunshine. The ray's still shine throught on cloudy days.
  4. Sport a stylish hat or an umbrella when heading out into the sun. This look is great for the beach or shopping outdoors. It will protect you head/ hair from the heat of the sun.
Spent the day folding laundry & out with my friend Stephanie at Sunset Beach shopping area. Went into Village House but didn't get anything. Then walked into Pishposh & I had to get them in silver with purple! (picture below) I love the color purple. This afternoon, I got Crimson for a walk along the seawall. Met this photograghy, Mr. Miyagi, he took lots of picture of Crimson playing on the wall. Then pictures of the both of us playing with the sunset & the ocean in the background. He thought I was Japanese! To his surprise, I'm Vietnamese. He told me that I'm the first Vietnamese he has met. Now, I feel surprise. tehehehe Then a bunch of girls came up & started petting Crimson. I have to give my puppy props. He is a magnet for photograghy & chicks!
    Rocking out the Natural Bude Polish & a clutch purse
    Shorts are from a department shop back in the States
    Purple tank & Fringe vest  from Tappity by Zyzzy (Japanese brand)
    Purple pumps from Pishposh
    Hat from Village House
    Charm necklace from a local store on Okinawa
    Floral bracelet from Tappity
    Clutch purse from Target
    Another pair of heels
    I am obsessed with heels & Pishposh
    Crimson on the seawall looking out into the ocean
    My pup & I
    Love, Marian