April 24, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend with family & friends. Here's what I did on my Easter Sunday in Oki! Of course, I went to church. Had brunch at Climax Cafe. It's like a Starbucks but I have to say, it's way better than Starbucks! Enjoyed Easter with my wonderful husband & my adorable little ones (Scooter & Crimson). I decided to take the photos inside the house today because I couldn't take both Scooter & Crimson out. Scooter would walk one way & Crimson the other...

Looks so good

The Sweets Menu: Everything sounded great

The Drinks Menu

My drink was the Italian Fruit Soda

Mix Berry Pancakes! Yummy

My husband's Chocolate & Banana Pancakes

Meet Scooter Tibrus Frye. 8 months older than Crimson

Dress is from Pocco. Another Japaness store