April 17, 2011

Weekend Haul

What I bought over this weekend sides groceries. Going back to Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy. I used to use this while I was in college. I love this stuff. It is so relaxing & comforting. I started using Crest 3D White when it first came out & I love it. This This works pretty good. I just wanted some new eye liner for the Springtime. Silver & Sky blue?! Hello? It shouts out SPRING! Of course Summer is just around the corner. So nothing like getting a new bikini. This one is fun & flirty. It has a cute little is flower. Glad came out with their limited time only Spring collection. I had to got them. I used the Sparkling Spring as soon as I got home. The smell is wonderful! All these items were found at the Base Change. The best parts of the BX is, everything is discounted directly buy the merchant of the products & NO TAX!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy: 
Sleep & Stress Relief Mist  $8.00 each
Crest 3D White- This works wonders! $ 3.45 & $3.69
Cover Girl "Starlighting" Eye Liner $2.86  & 
Wet 'n Wild "Sky Blue" Eye Liner .99 cents
Manhattan Beachwear: $19.95 Top $19.95 Bottom

Love, Marian