April 11, 2011

Spring Time Haul

It was lovely all weekend for the first offical weekend of open beach season! But on this Monday, it poured! Springtime isn't Spring unless it rains. Crimson saw the water on the ground & ran back into the house. He didn't even want to go from a walke today! What a puppy!? It's been one month ago that the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Today in Mainland Japan, people bowed their heads for moment of silence. Then it happened. Another earthquake. Down here in Okinawa, we also prayered for these who died, for families that lost everything & everyone that was affected by this. My prayers, thoughts & heart goes out to them. On a brighter side, Spring is just a short phrase that Okinawa goes through. For this time of the year, I love bright colors. I got to do a little bit of shopping over the weekend. I got a few bright nail polish colors. Along with that I got 2 colors that I am seeing a lot of models & stars sporting: Orange & Natural Nude! Right now I am rocking out the Natural Nude color in "Mulberry Street". I love it! Anything I love is Maybelline! I have tried all their mascara but one. I finally got it. The One by One & I cannot wait to use it. Of course, getting up between 4-5am isn't a good thing & staying up all day can bring out the dark circles underneath your eyes. So I bought a cover stick for mask that. The 100 Yen store is like your typical dollar store/ CVS/Wallgreens/Rite Aid. I got some lip products that will make my lips pop. Once your skin gets used to the face cleanser that you're using now, it's time for a change. I am currently trying out a new product from PHisoderm. So far it's working out wonderfully. As I have said before, Michelle & I went to Sunset Beach shopping area this past weekend & (below) I finally posted up the shoes I got. I am so excited to be wearing them soon. We also stopped at Village House & I got some new earrings, a neckelace & a white set of bracelets. Super cute. When I moved to Japan, I didn't pack my 1 1/2 inch curler with because my mother uses it too. I didn't need one until now. The Base Exchange didn't have any from Conair (tear tear tear). I like Conair brand a lot. Instead, I bought it from Bedhead. Trying it out tomorrow.

Spring Colors from Wet 'n Wild: (Left to Right) Sparked, Ticled Pink & Sunny Side Up
Colors that are "The It" this Spring: Time Sqaure Tangerine Creme & Mulberry Street from NYC
From the 100 Yen store: What finds
Maybelline's One by One Mascara & NYC Cover Stick for hiding undereye circles
Face Cleanser
What a Steal from Pishposh!
From Pishposh, another great deal: the flower like ribbons are removable
My new 1 1/2 inch barrel curler
Some Springtime Jewelry
White set of bracelets with a tint of brown

Love, Marian