April 8, 2011

Friday Friday Friday! Weekend is here...

Happy Friday! Second day of painting went well! I could have gone to the beach & shopped today, but didn't. Maybe tomorrow. My husband took me out to dinner tonight at the Seaside Ristorante at Kadena Marina (Okinawa, Japan). The food was great! The sailboats look so mysterious in the dark. I love sailboats! Went to the Base Excharge today & got 3 new nail polish color for the Spring & Summer time. Also, the new issue of Lucky. Going to do some reading before bed :) Get some ideas for the up coming week. I will post pictures tomorrow. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my husband, friends, beach & shopping. That's just my typical weekend here in paradise. I am truely blessed to be living here.

A "healthy" breakfast (NOT!)
Hard at work painting today
Pina Colada at dinner
Salad with Japanese Dress
Filet of Salmon with roasted pototoes & fresh veggies (de-lish) 

Love, Marian