April 26, 2011

Rainy Day Delight

It rained all day today! & it's still raining into the night. Went into the work place & got my desk all set up with pictures, pens, post its, candy bucket and etc. I'm ready to go back to work :) 13 more days! There still be post everyone. Either before or after work. Or during breaks. Today I came to a conclusion. I have a camera whore puppy! He loves getting he pictures taken. When he sees my blue camera, he'll sit still, lay down, stand still & pose! All the pictures I take of him is on my Facebook page. Look for a Marian Massie Frye.

My afternoon treat :)

Japanese Dumpling
Strawberry & custard sweets
Freshly made Tuna Sandwich
Shrimp Cracker Chips
The Price is Right!

Family Mart