April 10, 2011

Sunday isn't Called "Sun- Day" for Nothing

Today the weather was amazing! Great day for hitting the beach, shopping outdoors, exploring the island or snorkeling. My friend Michelle & I hit up our Base Exchange for some make up & beauty shopping (& a some qt pots for cooking). She sent $85 on make up! She got really good stuff. I just got some more nail polish colors & a new bottle of face cleanser. Afterwards, we went to Sunset Beach shopping area. We got to our favorite place. Village House! & Pishposh! I got a bracelet set from Village House. Stopped for a little snack at the stand they had there. It is one of the most de-lish food I have had on this island. Rothi! Yummy. Never had it before. I guess it's a Japanese thing. Pishposh was right there. She thought is was a very "classy" shoe store were the price were high! I told NO! Of course I go there all the time. We ended up with 3 pairs of hottness. She got a pair of neon orange pumps. I bought a pair of gold pumps with these little cute ribbon bow clips that can be removed if I didn't want to wear it was them. Also, a pair of black sequins pumps with silver stars all over. All this cost us 2970 YEN! That's About $30 (if the yen rate is ever good). It's classy but inexpensive. Got make finally got my favorite Vietnamese dish tonight. Ga Ragu! It's good for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I miss my mother's cooking. So, I called her for the reicpe. It's hard living in another country as your "first home away from home". But I managed for the past 3 years. I learned to cook more Viet food on my own than I did living with family. I guess it;s a good thing. So, about 2 days ago, my husband's friend (Brandan) had a "fake Facebook birthday". Everyone sent him birthday wishes & all that jazz. I was confused.But I fell for it too. Knowing that his birthday was some time in the summer. We decided to get him a birthday cake tonight from the commissary. He was surpised! Tehehehe.

Favorite clothing store!
The Rothi Stand
Chicken Teriyaki Rothi
Michelle posing for a picture at Sunset Beach shopping area
Brandan was surpised
Ga Ragu: Vietnamese dish

Love, Marian