April 5, 2011

Always a Day Ahead

Good morning Okinawa! Good evening Statesiders! For a while, getting up before 0500 was hard. But now it's a piece of cake! or a Yummy Chocolate Chip Muffin ( like the one I had for Breakfast). So, last week I lost my ID card to get on base. So I have to go meet up with my husband in a little bite to get a new one. I had a bad week for losing thing the week before. Lost my Iphone! But luckily the lifeguards found it & kept it for me :) It's such a beautiful day out! The beach is calling my name. Hope everyone has a great day or night wherever you are in the world!  

Chocolate Chip Muffin Yummy :)
Black sleeveless shirt by 
Candie's from Khol's
Floral Bracelet from Tappity 
(Japanese clothing store here in Okinawa)
Charm Necklace 
(Don't remember wear I bought this from)
Pink Booties from Plishposh 
(Japanese Shoe store here in Okinawa)
Ready for the day :)

   So, this was my first blog. Feel free to comment & leave sugguestions. Thank you for visiting!

Love, Marian