April 25, 2011

Closet Organization Tips

Here are some tips to help you organize & still organize.

1. Divide and conquer- Instead of battling the scarf or necklace octopus that forms when you toss a bunch in a drawer, mount a basic peg board on one wall of the closet and hang each item so they stay separate. You could also do this on the inside of the door.
2. Create a Hideaway- Off-season should be stored away from the prime closet real estate. If you have tall ceilings in your bedroom or living room, put a board shelf high up on the wall, and store out of season clothing like winter outerwear or summer swimwear and flip flops in cute boxes or baskets. Keep track of what’s in what box by labeling each one.
3. Show Off Your Goods- Bags are super-bulky, so don’t even think about housing them in a small closet. Instead, turn them into bedroom decor by displaying them on a shelf. It provides easy access, they won’t get squashed, and you get instant wall art. The same goes for your favorite heels.
4. Expand your space- The space under your bed is an extension of your closet, so take advantage of it! Store your shoes in bins under the bed or use the room for that mass of tee shirts you’ve been accumulating since who knows when.
5. Think outside the box, er, closet- Don’t be afraid to venture even farther out of the closet. Invest in a couple storage ottomans for your living room, and use them to house off-season clothing and things you don’t wear often. In the bathroom, keep extra sheets and towels on an above-the-door board shelf or a fixture that goes over the toilet. It’s a great place for space eaters, plus it gives your bathroom a luxury-hotel feel.

** Not My Closet **
I will have a post of my closet up shortly. I would love to see post about yours!