May 7, 2011

Ladies' Night Out

Last night with dining out with the ladies. We made reservation to one of the best restaurant on Okinawa. Arin Krin aka "The Garlic House"! For all you garlic loving people, this truly is the best place to get you mouth watering organism. However, I would not recommend taking someone here of a first unless you don't plan on having a kiss good night. Everything on menu is made with garlic. You can smell them cooking your food in the place. It is always busy. So the best bet is to reserve seating for a table or party. We were all so hungry but no one ate anything throughout the day from the excitement for The Garlic House. Everything we ordered, we shared. The prices were low for so much!  ¥100-900. Not bad. We had a great time. Then hit up the slots.


The enterance inside with shelves of Sake

The de-lish food menu

Some display of wine bottles

Garlic Tomato Salad

Deep Fried Mash Potatoes in Cheese

Spicy Garlic Fries

Michelle being silly

The Ladies & all our food

The Prize! Garlic Pizza

Deep fried garlic

 Roasted Garlic


See ya next time!