July 5, 2011

Happy 235 Birthday America

I am super sorry that it's been almost a month since I posted!!!! I have be meaning too after work, but I would get so caught up in walking my baby Crimson, cooking, relaxing with my husband and planning for some 25th anniversaries! After all that, I get so tired that I just wanted to sleep early! Again, I'm sorry!

Yesterday (July 4th) was the second time I hosted a party at my house. I was so happy that everything worked out as planned. We grilled, played games, watched movies & went shopping to work off what we ate. Also, went to a Whiteout Party down at the seawall around the corner from my house. It was crazy!
Some friends enjoying themselves
My puppy and one of his many girlfriends LoL
My friend Kristie back from her deployment celebrating the 4th with me
English & I at the Whiteout Party and our "every 3 month photo up"
Jake and I at the party